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The Doors
February 25, 1969
Sunset Sound Recorders
Hollywood, California, USA
2 CDs
Low Gen Mix
1st and 2nd Generation - Source # 2 and # 3 Mixed
Bruce Botnick
16 Bits

Version no, 1
2nd gen. cass.
all have been slightly EQ'd
all have corrected speed

Version no. 3 (RK/BB tape)
1st gen. "with Edits"

NO noise removal had been done!
(only slight EQ)

Track Listing Run time:71:19 (without B07-B09)

01. Love Me Tender => Save the whole world
02. Rock Is Dead P1
03. Woman Is A Devil
04. No impablimations...let's roll!
05. Boogie All Night Long => rap
06. No impablimations
07. Rock and Roll Woman
08. Queen of the Magazines & Madison Fragment
09. Wipe out (Ventures song)(also known as Pipeline)
10. Naked Woman (jim talking)
11. Naked Woman (jam) =>
12. Rock Me
13. Mystery train train jam (with JM Harp) => big black train
14. A little piece
15. I could not help my self
16. Rock and Roll is dead P2
17. We had some good times, but there gone!
18. The Death of Rock conclusion (JM harp)
19. final words
20. Roadhouse blues vocal vamp fragment
21. seminary school (playback over bit of track)
22. talk
23. seminary school/whisky mystics...(full take)
24. Whiskey, Mystics and Men (with "petition..." intro)
(same as track before but diffrent mix)
DIFFRENT MIXES (B takes)(They are diffrent in the way they are mixed/edited. They can be used inplace of the other tracks with out creating SBEs)
25. Boogie All Night Long (not listed as a b take because it's not the same length and will create SBEs)
(same as 05 but cut out talking at the end, more 1gen pieces added and unfixed organ solo)
B 07. Rock and Roll Woman
(same as track 07 but the 2gen source was mixed to mono and put to the right and the left side of the 1gen was used for the left)
B 08. Queen of the Magazines & Madison Fragment
(same as track 08 but the 2gen source was mixed to mono and put to the right and the left side of the 1gen was used for the left)
B 09.Wipe out (Ventures song)(also known as Pipeline)
(same as track 09 but the 2gen source was mixed to mono and put to the right and the left side of the 1gen was used for the left)

The Rock Is Dead Sessions. Fourth version. The Matrix version is a mix of the second and third versions of this show and is possibly the definitive source.

Notes from the person who did the mixes:

 "All in all, this took quite a long time (about a year or so) with many an occasion of me giving up and getting * off, but I am finally done with it.
I wouldn't say that this is the definitive version but I sure prefer it to what's out there, and I hope you do to. "

I can only say he's right about this job amounting to something like a year, and his last sentence is true as well - his version is well worth a listen. The prehistory: this tape is basically the same as the well-known bootleg of old called "Missing Links" - showcases the talents of Jim Morrison and his mates for improvisation "live in the studio", no mean feat for any rock band and IMO quite unique for any band. That bootleg CD always was quite listenable on its own.

A year or two ago, it became available in an "expanded" edition (2 CD). I vined it here as well (Spring 2008). CD 1 was basically the same as the "Missing Links" bootleg, but with a cut or two in place which were edited out by bootlegger guys who did "Links" - the source tape, of better quality at that, said to be 2nd gen. CD2 was of even better quality, 1st gen of another tape transfer of the same material. The only trouble with CD2 was - it was the transfer of the remains of the original master, what has left of that master after the Doors producer Paul Rothchild scissored out (literally) the best bits which he used for his condensed version of this session (known as "Rothchild's edit"). The last thing I should mention - this CD2 has unique tidbits not found anywhere on CD1, so this "expanded" edition is a great, great find.

Basically, the fullest available master of the session as we know it is about 1 hour long, the reject tape is 30+ min long, and Rothchild's edit is 15 min long. It should be stressed that all these available tapes are cut, as Rothchild's edit utilizes a tape bit not found anywhere on collector's tapes, but this is all we have for now (no need to have fingers crossed for The Doors releasing the tapes in their entirety any time soon). So CD 1 has about everything, while CD 2 is basically CD1 minus "Rothchild's edit", but in better quality. What this guy did, was making a composite of unique pieces from CD 1 with the relevant pieces (in better quality) from CD 2. This wasn't easy at all, but he did it. Some joints sound great, while others sound if not godawful, then certainly not too easy on ears, but I think it's because it wasn't easy for him to do and he did the best. He also eliminated the unnecessary tape cuts. I've listened to the whole of it in an audio editing software, so I can say he did a good job on the overall - the only things I have some objection for are - he haven't utilized for some reason one tiny bit of a few seconds which is exclusive to CD2, and also he haven't tried to incorporate the longer piece which is exclusive to the "Rothchild's edit" (that would be hard, as they were mixed differently, and nobody knows for sure where these missing bits must belong to within the full tape). So basically, this is the best approximation of that great Doors tape in the best quality available for the moment - well worth a listen.

Tracks B07-09 are alternate mixes which, in my opinion, sound with more gusto, so it makes sense to include them in their proper place instead of the "regular" tracks 07-09 for more listening pleasure, if you feel so.

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