Audio Recordings

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The Doors
March 1, 1969
Dinner Key Auditorium
Miami, Florida, USA
1 CD
1st Gen
1st Generation (Master>8 Track>DAT(2)>CDr)
16 Bits

  • No Revolution I
  • Back Door Man
  • Hey Listen, I'm Lonely
  • Five To One
  •  No Revolution II
  • Touch Me
  • Love Me Two Times
  • When The Music's Over
  •  Wake Up
  • Light My Fire
  • No Limits, No Laws

Recently surfaced from the Greg Shaw Master's and is a direct DAT transfer of the tape played during the infamous Miami Trial. This version is mixed with a rare LP release of that include a few extra seconds at the beginning of the recording and some missing lines of dialogue during When The Music's Over making this version the most complete to date.

Lossless available.

Front Cover Artwork
Back Cover Artwork
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