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The Doors
September 13, 1969
Varsity Stadium
Toronto, Canada
1 CD
1st Gen
1st Generation
16 Bits

  • When The Music's Over
  • Break On Through
  • Back Door Man
  • The Crystal Ship
  • Wake Up
  • Light My Fire
  • The End

A very good Audience recording, quality very similar with the Stage recordings. Most circulating copies of this shows are sourced from the beautiful die young bootleg, or transfers from higher generations. This is the best version to date.

A rare audience recording from 1969 (rare in the sense that few recordings from 1969 exist since The Doors didn't play many shows in the aftermath of the Miami incident). This is a first generation recording. There are a few bootlegs out there that feature songs from this night and none of them sound quite this good. The drums come through terrifically and Jim's vocals are right up in the mix. The guy who taped this show must have been right near the stage.


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