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The Doors
January 18, 1970
Felt Forum
New York, New York, USA
Late Set
2 CDs
Master Clone
16 Bits

  • Roadhouse Blues
  • Peace Frog
  • Alabama Song
  • Back Door Man
  • Five To One
  • Celebration Of The Lizard
  • Build Me A Woman
  • When The Music's Over
  • Soul Kitchen
  • Petition The With Prayer
  • Light My Fire
  • Rock Me
  • Goin' To New York
  • Maggie M'Gill
  • Gloria

Late show. Include some joints collaborations from John Sebastian (harmonica) and Dallas Taylor (drums) for a few numbers. The only song missed is Close To You which was performed between Rock Me and Goin' To New York but this song is available on the Absolutely Live album.

From original seeder:
I got this version in a trade, a big thank for the generous trader. It's reported to be a master clone and it sounds very good so I only corrected the pitch and speed of most tracks which run too fast and I add the intro from the second source (1st gen) which is missing on this one, the beginning of WTMO has also a slight modification according to the 1st gen.  The crowd parts between the tracks has so also been slightly modified.When you listen first time at RHB such corrected you are under the impression that it runs too slow but I think it was really played like that, listen to the Boston early show RHB, it's quite the same rhythm.This show is perhaps the best of the four FF shows. Notice that SOF is not in the setlist, the version included with the master clone is those of the 17 late show and it's the case for all versions I've heard. Has it been played at this show, it's not sure but possible because the audience recording is cut after Rock Me and Close To You is missing. John Sebastian (harmonica) joined the Band for Rock Me, also Dallas Taylor (Drums) for Goin' To New York and Maggie M'Gill. Jim's voice is at the break point after Light My Fire, would he be able to sing SOF at this place in the show, it's uncertain.

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