Video Recordings

The Doors
May 6, 1967
Hi Corbett Field
Tucson, Arizona, USA
Not For Trade
Martin Holt
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Animal Projects

  • Back Door Man (montage)
  • Who Do You Love (montage)

Audio Sources
Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco
1967-03-04 (Master>Ana2)

* Date uncertain in accordance with FM forum people.
This is a compilation of all the footage available at the video called "Rockit" made by Martin Holt, with audio dubbed with one of the earliest recordings available in SBD quality.
This DVD is not for trade and is listed only for personal archive purposes.
Filmer's Notes:
"When the Doors came to do a concert in Tucson, we showed up at the gate and said we wanted to shoot film on the concert. They said, "Okay, but keep out of the way." So we were not restricted in our movements. We were on stage, side stage, in front of the stage, behind over under everywhere around the musicians, shooting film. Since we were students and were poor, we did not have much film stock, but we had perfected several techniques for locating images in the viewfinder so that when we shot the same roll of film through the camera a second and third time, the images interacted in ways that at
least appeared to be on purpose and made some sort of sense when edited. Of course, there was lots of footage that just did not fit the story line."
Martin Holt.

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