Video Recordings

Artwork Case

Led Zeppelin
August 4, 1979
Knebworth Festival
Stevenage, England
2 DVDs
Secrets Revealed (Watch Tower, WT-DV2005001/2)
Watch Tower

Disc 1:

The Song Remains The Same
Celebration Day
Black Dog
Nobody's Fault But Mine
Over The Hills And Far Away
Misty Mountain Hop
Since I've Been Loving You
No Quarter
Ten Years Gone
Hot Dog
The Rain Song
White Summer - Black Mountain Side

Disc 2:

Trampled Underfoot
Sick Again
Achilles Last Stand
Guitar Solo
In The Evening
Stairway To Heaven
Rock And Roll
Whole Lotta Love

Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1, 448kBps

Watch Tower are to be congratulated for releasing the first version of this show in such good quality, unlike the normal second show, which has seen a spate of continuous minor upgrades over the past 15 years. This release is as good quality wise as the recent releases from the second night. There is also no annoying logo present throughout the show. It was great to watch this show. Some of the footage is from different camera angles to 11/8/79. There also seems to be slightly more footage of Bonzo than 11/8/79. There are a few minor points - there is a background hum present for most of the show, similar to the hum that you can hear on the second disc of most releases from 11/8/79. This seems to get better as the show progresses. The show is not quite complete as there are a couple of missing segments, which I guess is missing on the original source. The first is from the end of 'The Rain Song' and until the start of 'White Summer'. They have pasted in audio from an audience source and some slow motion video. This probably lasts around 1 minute. The second is during 'Whole Lotta Love', and is missing from around the 'I wonder if everyone in Newcastle can hear me' part until the end of the song. This is probably around 2-3 minutes, and they have pasted from the audience recording together with video from 11/8/79 to fill the gap. These are only minor quibbles. The show is highly enjoyable, and great quality, and well worth getting. (Ian Avey July 05)