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Out Of Print Laserdisc release

01. Intro/Give Peace a Chance (5:28)
02. Cold Turkey (5:23)
03. Instant Karma (3:33)
04. Power To The People (3:20)
05. Happy Xmas (War Is Over) (3:41)
06. Mind Games (4:18)
07. Whatever Gets You Thru The Night (3:33)
08. No. 9 Dream (4:49)
09. Stand By Me (3:54)
10. Slippin' And Slidin' (2:31)
11. Imagine (3:32)
12. (Just Like) Starting Over (4:03)
13. Woman (3:43)
14. Nobody Told Me (3:47)
15. Borrowed Time (4:43)
16. I'm Steppin' Out (4:10)
17. Jealous Guy (4:29)
18. Grow Old With Me (3:14)
19. Imagine (Live) (3:16)
20. End credits (Watching The Wheels) (1:16)

Technical: Pioneer Artists PA-92-492 laserdisc with digital sound
Recorded to DVD+R via S-video cable and standard RCA audio cables in HQ (1 hour) mode for each side of the laserdisc. (256k Dolby Digital audio) Copied to hard drive with DVD Shrink (no compression). Then combined and chaptered in an old version of TMPGEnc DVD Author (no compression), and finally compressed with DVD Shrink just enough to fit a single layer disc. Being only 77 minutes, this left the bitrate quite high.

The disc is stereo, though some tracks seem to be mono. "Give Peace A Chance" definitely is.

Other info: Released in 1992, this collection features the original promos for Lennon songs which have been changed to various degrees for the "Legend" DVD. In some cases, totally different videos, some had new footage inserted, and a couple were missing completely from that set ("I'm Steppin' Out" and "Grow Old With Me")

I would love to go track by track and explain the differences in each video, but I am far from being an expert. Some notable observations:

"Instant Karma" is a completely different version, this one taken from "Top Of The Pops" features Yoko holding up words and silently speaking them into a microphone.

"Happy Xmas" is also completely different, and far more enjoyable to watch than the war imagery version.

"Stand By Me" includes some rough editing towards the end, when John says hello to the folks back in the U.K.

"Woman" here features an alternate audio mix, at least for the intro.. as the phrase 'For the other half of the sky' has been amplified a great deal (probably in response to people asking what John said during the intro).

"Jealous Guy" includes some old Beatles footage.

Most, though not all videos feature a very brief Lennon interview audio clip over pictures and title cards. Yoko Ono hand-writes the title cards.

Video Collection

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