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Pearl Jam
August 23, 1991
Mural Amphitheater
Seattle, Washington, USA
2 Cam Mix
Freddy + Other
Master VHS + 1st Gen VHS > DV > Vegas > DVD Architect > DVD5
48:45 Mins
Animal Projects

  • Once
  • State of Love and Trust
  • Even Flow
  • (Outshined)/Garden
  • Alive
  • Black
  • Deep
  • Why Go
  • Porch
  • Breath

Side Shot: Master VHS
Front Shot: 1st Gen VHS

Steady, clear, very close shot right in front of Stone, plus a fairly good front shot made of this DVD a very nice piece of history.


Master VHS + 1st Gen VHS Mix

Sound is a mix of both VHS sources, cleaned and equalized. Pretty good result.Dave Abbruzzese on drums for his first show (last 4/17/94).
Taken from Five Horizons:

First show with Dave Abbruzzese on drums, and the last show of the summer '91 Sounds of Seattle concert series (now called "Pain in the Grass" :) ). Before Garden Eddie sings, "Looking California, feeling Minnesota... that's a piece from the new Soundgarden album." Eddie climbs the speaker stacks during Porch and glances over his shoulder at the Space Needle, and according to a recent "Pain in the Grass" history that appeared in The Stranger, a local weekly, he's the only one to ever do so without falling off. :) After Porch Eddie takes a basketball from behind the speakers and throws it into the crowd. The ball makes its way back to the stage during Breath. There are three vids of this show -- one from far away (tri-pod shot), one from 1/2 way out, and this one that was shot right in front of the stage on Stone's side, with fantastic closeups. In this close version Eddie crowd surfs right in front of the camera while still singing, before the crowd gently returns him to the stage.

Cover Artwork
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