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Eddie Vedder
July 29, 1999
House of Blues
Chicago, Illinois, USA
w/ Pete Townsend
Global Voodoo
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Global Voodoo

  • Heart to Hang Onto
  • Let's See Action
  • Better Man
  • 'Til The Rivers All Run Dry
  • Sheraton Gibson
  • Magic Bus
  • I'm One

Pete Townsend

Won't Get Fooled Again
Behind Blue Eyes
Drowned, Cut My Hair
Let My Love Open The Door

Easter Egg
: I Am One from the show 27-11-2000

Yet another press/promotion showcase to promote the live album. Far less security than New York, and anyone hanging around outside all day got in! However, to quote one fan: Biggest bunch of assholes in an audience i've encountered. Many people talking during songs, which probably accounts for the shortened set and no encore. Pete is in a Pete-type mood initially and then loosened up when Eddie comes out. After 'Heart To Hang Onto,' Pete attends to something onstage and Ed talks about spending the past couple days with Pete and how I've learned new things musically and new things as a human. He then admonishes the people in the crowd who are talking during the songs. The people talking between songs is driving me fucking nuts. Pete then tells a long story about reading about himself in the paper and Lifehouse, which is followed by 'Let's See Action,' which is once again missing the last verse (as it was last night) and was excellent. 'Magic Bus' is memorable for trademark Townshend windmills; Pete really seems to get into this one.

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