Video Recordings

Artwork Case

Pearl Jam
October 22, 2013
Wells Fargo Center
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Lightning Bolt
23rd Birthday
1 Blu-Ray-DL
BTN Videos
Sony Vegas 12.0, with help from Plural Eyes Main Concept MPG->1920x1080 60i 25mbps video stream, variable bit rate, 25MM average > BD50
Better Than Nothing Videos

  • Pendulum
  • Wash
  • Nothingman
  • Lightning Bolt
  • Corduroy
  • Mind Your Manners
  • Amongst the Waves
  • Hail, Hail
  • Satan's Bed
  • Untitled
  • MFC
  • Even Flow
  • Sirens
  • Got Some
  • Given to Fly
  • Present Tense
  • Infallible
  • World Wide Suicide
  • Do the Evolution
  • Better Man/Save It For Later
  • Parachutes
  • Yellow Moon
  • Come Back
  • Future Days
  • Breath
  • State of Love and Trust
  • Unthought Known
  • Porch
  • Last Kiss
  • Leavin' Here
  • Blood
  • Alive
  • Baba O'Riley
  • Yellow Ledbetter

This version is different than the original in 2014.  It was remastered using different techniques and eliminating the fades that were pervasive in the earlier generation.  

All rendering from original video masters.


Center shot
:  Pilgrimsprogress, full uninterrupted show.  31 gb of film. Mt2s. 1920x1080, 25kkbs, 59 frames/second

Upper shot:  Tapeheadtoo, full uninterrupted show. 22gb of film. AVCHD. 1920x1080, 16kkbs, 29 frames/secondMcCready shot: aerofan2007, 12gb of film, partial show.  AVCHD. 1280x720, 16kkbs, 59 frames/second

Lower crowd shot: Smanchac77, 2gb of film, partial show.  MOV.  1920x1080, 14kkbs, 29 frames/second

Close up shot: John Roma, extraction from Youtube (1%)
Audio: Official Bootleg, 24 bit FLAC, 96,000Hz
2020 Remaster

Cover Artwork
Download the cover artwork at

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