Video Recordings

Black Sabbath
October 3, 1970
Theatre 140
Brussels, Belgium
Rare Trade
Yorkshire TV Broadcast

Part 1 (1st broadcast)
  • Introduction
  • Paranoid
  • Hand of Doom
  • Rat Salad
  • Iron Man
  • Black Sabbath
  • Credits 

Part 2 (2nd broadcast)
  • Introduction
  • N.I.B.
  • Behind the Wall of Sleep
  • War Pigs
  • Fairies Wear Boots
  • Credits

(1a) "Extended ending" clip ("easter egg" hidden on the left side of the Brussels 1970 menu):

Slightly extended aftershow clip to the Brussels 1970 show. 
Video and audio both taken (without re-encoding) from a DVD with the following lineage: 3SAT German TV broadcast (broadcast date 1989-09-11) > VHS master taper > DVD 

(1b) "Play concert only" option ("easter egg" hidden on the right side of the Brussels 1970 menu):

This plays the Brussels show without the introductions, credits or aftershow footage.
For video and audio source info, see (1) above.

(2) Black Sabbath 1970-09-20 Hilversum, Holland, Netherlands** (PRO VIDEO - "TopPop" black-and-white TV broadcast)

TV performance of "Paranoid" lip-synched to the audio from the studio album. 

Video: sourced from VOB of a PAL broadcast source. Contrast/brightness adjusted as well as desaturation to true B&W. 

Audio track #1: "Stereo mix", sourced from HDtracks 96/24 download (2012 remastering, released on HDtracks in 2014), EQ'd and downsampled to 48/16.

Audio track #2: "Quadraphonic mix" in Dolby 5.1 with the center and LFE channels silent, sourced from a DVD-A audio transfer of the official Reel-to-Reel release and further remastered. The remastering included balance adjustments and EQ. 

Audio track #3: "Quadraphonic mix" in DTS 5.1 with the center and LFE channels silent (same source and remastering as the Dolby 5.1 Audio track #2 above).

Audio: Dolby AC3 48000Hz stereo

* The Brussels 1970 show has long been circulating as 1970-12-19 or 1970-12-20 Olympia, Paris, France. However, compelling evidence (incl. pictures of the concert stages in both Olympia and Théâtre 140) has shown that the true date and place is 1970-10-03 Théâtre 140, Bruxelles (Brussels), Belgium.

** The TopPop TV footage is often claimed to be from Belgium 1970, but it has been established that the true origin is 1970-09-20 Hilversum, Holland, Netherland. Thus, Rob Dwyer wrote on former info website :
"This has long been attributed to Belgium (or rather, Belgian!) TV 1970. But the real story behind this film was told to Armijn Hemel by AVRO Productions (Holland):
'The recording is Top Pop September 29 1970 (the rotating thing in the background says "Top Pop"). The recording was stolen in 1989 and sold as a Belgian TV recording, which is absolutely wrong. It is planned to release the Top Pop recording on DVD.'"

Video: sourced from the amazing and well-known "Snivlle Remastered Edition Rev. III" DVD. Slight edits were made, but there was no re-encoding. The "Snivlle Remastered Edition Rev. III" DVD in turn was sourced from a "premaster" DVD with the following lineage: Yorkshire Television broadcasts > Betamax master tape > "premaster" DVD (created by TV professionals).

Audio: taken from "Paranoid" Super Deluxe 4xCD release for the vast majority of the audio. No remastering or gain adjustment, only resampling to 48khz. There were amounts at the beginning and ending of each program which were filled in by audio from the TV broadcast. This was sourced from the Betamax transfer "premaster" DVD and remastered in an attempt to best match the sound of the Super Deluxe CD.

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