Video Recordings

Led Zeppelin
March 24, 1975
The Forum
Inglewood, California, USA
8mm Film

Track 1: (LA 24 March 1975) runs from 00.28 to 19.00:
Rock And Roll / Sick Again / Over The Hills And Far Away / In My Time Of Dying / Kashmir / No Quarter / Trampled Underfoot / Moby Dick / Stairway To Heaven / Whole Lotta Love / Black Dog / Heartbreaker
Track 2: (LA 24 March 1975) runs from 19.01 to 46.56:
Sick Again / In My Time Of Dying / The Song Remains The Same / Kashmir / Trampled Underfoot / Over The Hills And Far Away [out of sequence] / Whole Lotta Love
Track 3 : (LA 27 March 1975) runs from 46.58 to 59.09:
Sick Again / Dazed And Confused / The Song Remains The Same / The Rain Song / Kashmir / Stairway To Heaven
Track 4 : (LA 27 March 1975) runs from 59.06 to 67.15

This DVD has 67 minutes of colour amateur cine footage from all three nights with dubbed sound (apart from the last track). The best quality is from the first night, the picture quality is very good indeed, sharp and steady, nice full colours, taken near the stage to the left hand side of Plant. What a pity this footage is so fragmentary, but it is the most enjoyable section. Track 2 is from the second night, not quite such good quality as the previous night, often blurry images, but shot close to the stage once more, further to the left of Plant. There are longer sections of each song. Tracks 3 & 4 are from the last night. Track 3 is blurry, washed out black & white footage, taken higher up to the left of the stage, looking down onto the band members. The last track is in colour, but silent, a great pity as it is taken from further back and looking down onto the stage so you can see all the band on stage. (Jules McTrainspotter July 03)

Deep Throat - Empress Valley EVSD-156 ~ 164 / EVSDVD 001