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Led Zeppelin
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Collection of video footage 1970 to 1980
2 DVDs
Cosmic Energy
Cosmic Energy

Los Angeles, CA 08.21.71
Houston, TX 08.26.71
Amsterdam 05.27.72
San Bernardino, CA 06.22.72
San Francisco, CA 06.02.73
Pittsburgh, PA 07.24.73
New York, NY 07.28.73
New York, NY 02.07.75
Philadelphia, PA 02.08.75
New York, NY 06.77 (2x)
New York, NY 06.14.77
Munich, Germany 07.05.80

Headley Grange 1971
Montreux 08.07.71
Sydney, Australia 02.27.72
Tucson, AZ 06.29.72
Budokan, Japan 10.02.72
Los Angeles, CA 06.03.73
Starship News Footage 07.27.73
New York, New York 06.77
Plaza Hotel, New York 06.77

Iceland 06.22.70
Nationwide 09.16.70
New York, New York 09.18.70
Brussels, Belgium 01.12.75
Great Britain 11.02.76
All Right Now 03.04.80

NBC NEWS 09.16.70
NBC NEWS 08.31.73 (int. with Plant)
NBC NEWS 1975 (int. With Grant)
CBS NEWS 09.25.80

It'll be Me LA 06.26.77
Rockestra 12.29.79

Final title in the highly acclaimed Led Zeppelin Cosmic Energy 1969-1980 DVD series. Features footage that has surfaced since the last Cosmic Energy release (1979-1980) in 2002.

Cosmic Energy have cornered the DVD market in producing superb (and extremely convenient) gatherings of all available footage from 1969 to 1980 on DVD, for Led Zeppelin (a notoriously camera-shy band). Some of the material originally put out in their year by year sets was subsequently released on the official (and superb) "DVD" release. However, a number of choice and really worthwhile things have subsequently appeared, and these have been very nicely and conveniently now been made available in one handy 2 DVD (pressed DVD too) set. Watching the footage on these DVDs (in every case) improved picture quality was and is a real treat. Some of the material presented is in stunning quality, and quite clearly comes from the master source. To name but one instance, The Old Grey Whistle Test footage is in perfect quality. I brings back very happy memories of watching "Whispering Bob Harris" on this sadly missed UK TV show throughout the 1970s. Some of the footage is very fragmentary cine film, taken at Led Zeppelin concerts. The audience recording has been dubbed to the picture on these priceless fragments. This must have required tremendous hard work and patience, as the song had to be identified, and the audience recording had to be painstakingly synched to the footage. There are some tremendous interviews as well. I especially enjoyed the one with John Bonham doing all the talking to the interviewer (a very quiet Robert Plant was sitting next to him) in 1970. Anything that has John Bonham on it is worth the price of admission alone. Nicely packaged, with informative notes to tell us where and what source was used, these two DVDs are a joy and a culmination of the great work that Cosmic Energy have done, and continue to do. It is especially nice that this release is on "proper" pressed DVDs, as opposed to recordable DVDRs. I am getting rather fussy in my old age, and far prefer a "real" disc to a recordable one. Would it not be wonderful if Cosmic Energy can go through the vast output that they have released from 1969 to 1980, and upgrade/remaster wherever possible the footage used? If they could also be put them out on pressed discs, then the Led Zeppelin Fan Community would have a wonderful and permanent record to Led Zeppelin. This band remains (contrary and in deference to, another well known and popular rock combo from England) the greatest LIVE Rock 'n' Roll band the World will ever see. Any footage that captures them on stage is worthy of release in the best available quality. (Jules McTrainspotter Nov 06)