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Neil Young
xxxx, 1987
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Young celebrated the end of his fractitous Geffen tenure by touring extensively with Crazy Horse whilst at the same time filming a documentary of the event. The tour was frustrating for Young however - Crazy Horse bass-player Billy Talbot was suffering from a drinking problem and as Young would later claim, I would do the song, lay it out and they wouldn't be able to remember the arrangement . . .
There's gotta be a memory retention problem.

Consequently there was considerable ugly friction spilling over into the documentary footage which Young edited together, entitling the results 'Muddy Track'. Three years after it's completion it has yet to be shown.

Muddy Track (filmed 1987) It was fuckin' terrible, said Neil Young of his 1987 European tour, marked by audience riots, a backing band racked by alcoholism, drug abuse and a decline in commercial standing so dramatic that one radio interviewer told Young he thought he was dead. Contrary as ever, Young decided this would be a good time to make a documentary, which he shot himself, only to discover that no distributor would take on a film made up of out-of-focus footage of Young and members of his band rowing. Muddy Track is not a documentary, he later protested, adding: I don't know what the fuck it is.

unreleased film Various Locations,
European Tour Documentary (71:36)
24.Apr.'87 - 06.Jun.'87

Muddy Track

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