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Pearl Jam
February 7, 1992
Koolkat Klub
Stockholm, Sweden
Rare Trade
Animal Projects
1st Gen Vhs > Demuxed > Vegas Pro > Architect > DVD5
Animal Projects

  • Wash
  • Once
  • Even Flow
  • State of Love & Trust
  • (Suggestion)
  • Alive
  • Black
  • Deep
  • Jeremy
  • Why Go
  • Porch
  • Leash

Taken from Five Horizons:

Unlike most other European shows there was no stage diving, probably because there was barely enough room for the band on stage much less fans. After Even Flow Jeff chews out the soundman about the excess feedback, and again after Jeremy. Eddie tells the crowd, "take the low end out of the kick drum in American means we love you." :) Eddie sings part of Suggestion an an intro to Alive. Toward the end of Porch Mike gets really into the song and is slamming with Eddie while he's playing, then destroys Dave's drum kit with his guitar. The band leaves the stage and then Eddie comes back out to talk to the crowd while the roadies rebuild. The improvisation is a lot like Ted Nugent's Stranglehold, and Eddie makes up lyrics with a chorus of "I think I'll stay." At the end the taper leaves and goes into the club's kitchen for some reason, missing a song (Garden). When the taper returns the band is crunching out a few bars of Soundgarden's Outshined, then they go into a long, jammy version of Leash with Eddie helping Dave on drums and Mike ripping strings off his guitar. :) This vid is shot from the foot of the stage on Mike's side and is very close. The lighting sucked, however, so it's a little on the dark side.

"Garden" missed.

Audio: Stereo PCM
Audo Source: Aiwa CM30 > Sony WM-D6 > ANA-M > DAT1


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