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Pearl Jam
April 23, 1992
Cameo Theater
Miami, Florida, USA
Ten - North America Tour - Part II
Not For Trade
JB / Alvarojam
Master VHS > AVI > PC > DVD9

  • Wash
  • Once
  • Even Flow
  • State of Love and Trust
  • Alive
  • Black
  • Deep
  • Jeremy
  • Why Go
  • Porch
  • (Suggestion)/Leash
  • Rockin' In the Free World

  • Random Stuff After Show

Taken from Five Horizons:

Good view of the stage -- shot from the balcony with a straight-ahead view and zoomed in nicely -- and the lighting is excellent. The camera favors Eddie but pans occasionally so we can see Mike and Stone. Eddie introduces State of Love and Trust as a "new song" and spins his mic cord (a la Roger Daltrey) at the end of Alive. Someone throws a sock cap up on stage and Ed offers it to anyone who is cold. (It was very warm in the theatre.) Then he spots a girl in the crowd wearing "a priest's outfit. Would you like to come up and say a prayer. These people need to be saved -- they might need ya." He pulls the girl up on stage. "Do I call you father? Here ya go father," and gives her the mic. Put on the spot in front of hundreds of people she's at a loss for words. Eddie: "They need words of wisdom. There's a lot of sinners here -- I can just feel it." Jeff put the sock cap on her head. She ad libs two lines of a prayer and Ed takes the mic back from her. "I think this is an impostor! This is not a priest! You're gonna go to hell for this ya know... with all the rest of them. Fuck it -- let's all go to hell. I don't think they allow this shit in heaven." Jeff and Mike strip off their shirts to combat the heat. Ed adds "we're all going to hell" to Deep. Toward the end of Jeremy Eddie swings his microphone like a baseball bat and knocks his mic stand to the stage. After Why Go Eddie says, "I figured with all the beaches there'd be at least one you could surf but there's not huh?... Can anybody take me surfing first thing in the morning? I'm gonna find a beach tonight -- I need to cool off. I think we all do." During Porch Eddie climbs the speaker stacks and sits for a bit kind of turned into himself, as if needing a moment of solitude. Then he stands on the rafters, strips off his shirt and falls backward into the crowd, where he does quite a long crowd surf before returning to the stage. Short break after Porch and then the band returns for an encore. The whole band is bare chested by now except for Stone, and Jeff is wearing a shirt wrapped around his head that falls down over his face at the end of Leash. Ed throws on a jacket for the last song, an energetic version of Rockin' in the Free World. Stone is really grooving. Afterwards Eddie thanks the crowd and then shakes his head a bit as if to say, "It's too hot in here for this."

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