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Pearl Jam
May 13, 1992
Hollywood, California, USA
Ten - North America Tour - Part II
Right Cam
1st gen Hi8 > Firewire > CCE > DVD

  • Oceans
  • Even Flow
  • Improv (I Got Nowhere to Go)
  • Why Go
  • Jeremy
  • Deep
  • Alive
  • Black
  • State of Love and Trust
  • Improv (Don't Try to get Inside My Head)
  • Once
  • (Crazy)/Porch
  • Garden
  • Rockin' in the Free World

Audio: stereo: [1st gen Hi8 > Firewire > dEQ > DVD]
Taken from Five Horizons:
Mike's in a destructive mood again. This time one of his speakers falls prey. During State of Love and Trust Eddie and Mike are slamming and pushing each other, and then Eddie picks up Mike and does an airplane spin with him. Mike loses his grip on his guitar a bit so it's swinging wildly around with him until Ed sets him back down. :) Mike is very animated this evening and the camera catches most of the action. The improv sees Ed singing, "Don't try to get inside my head," and he adds at the end, "'cause I don't even know myself." The improv after Once is the same as The Part Where I Play the Pope from the Milan, Italy show (6/17/92) only now it has the words to the Seal song, Crazy. "In a world full of people, only someone could survive who is not crazy. I don't know why I want to survive. Why do I...," and then Ed adds a few lines from the Rollins Band song Low Self Opinion. Eddie gets frustrated with the echo in the Palladium and asks the crowd if they can understand him, wondering if they should be up there at all. Then they kick into Porch. Mike is all over the place during the jam. Eddie thinks about climbing the speaker stacks but decides against it. He then says, "As mellow as you can. As mellow as you can -- just take me, okay? As mellow as you can. This is the last time I'm ever gonna... do it," and he keeps repeating "as mellow as you can" while he approaches the crowd. The end of Eddie's crowd surfing days is in sight. The crowds has just grown too uncool and unruly to handle it. But Ed dives in this night, microphone in hand. He's not out long -- security grabs his feet and pulls him back to the stage. For the end of the song Jeff rolls across the stage onto his back and continues playing while Mike buries his guitar in the speakers. Ed collapses next to Jeff and the songs ends. Mike still isn't finished, however, and picks up his guitar again to finish the job. He smashes it on the stage repeatedly until it breaks and finally clubs the speaker one last time before running off stage. After Garden Mike thanks a good friend for getting him into guitar. Jeff immediately parodies by thanking his mom, dad, and a "second cousin." :) Then Ed thanks openers Tribe After Tribe and Rage Against the Machine. And I have no idea who that is helping out on guitar and vocals for RITFW. Maybe members of Tribe After Tribe?... The vid ends a minute or two into the song. Shot from the right side (facing stage) up in the seats. Decent view of the stage, although from this angle Dave isn't visible. We do get to see much more of Mike than is usual in other vids -- not in the Rotterdam sense though.

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