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Pearl Jam
May 20, 1992
Gas Works Park
Seattle, Washington, USA
Rare Trade
Cancelled Concert

Taken from Five Horizons:

This was to be a free show by Pearl Jam, a homecoming of sorts after many months on the road. As people flocked to Seattle the city's mayor and police department freaked and before long the show was cancelled. But a few hundred fans showed up anyway, as did Eddie. Eddie spends a lot of time talking to fans and signing autographs, apologizing for having to cancel the show. Eddie gives a few of the fans directions to this guy's house, who is hosting the party that PJ is throwing for the fans who show up. The scene switches from Gas Works to the Folklife Festival (same weekend but totally unrelated) for a couple of minutes, and then the action picks up again at the aforementioned party at "Michael's house," (not McCready) complete with a set from 7 Year Bitch and a skateboard ramp. Eddie is around the whole time, videotaping and hanging out with the fans. He is wearing a Cramps T-shirt (the same one he wore three years later for the first night of Milwaukee on the U.S. summer tour). After dark he winds up on stage singing bad punk songs (or rather good punk songs badly), including Fear's I Don't Care About You. Short break while Ed and another guy read off license plate numbers of people who need to move their cars to avoid getting towed. No PJ concert but everyone had a good time anyway. :) Don't bother with this vid unless you are a) truly obsessed, or b) know someone who routinely claims Eddie doesn't care about the fans. In the case of the latter tie your friend to a chair and make them watch this. And while doing so keep in mind that Eddie paid for the entire shindig, including the kegs. How much more can people ask of him?.
They rescheduled the show for september and it's now known as drop in the park'.

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