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Pearl Jam
August 2, 1992
Lollapalooza Festival - World Music Theater
Tinley Park, Illinois, USA
2 Cam Mix
1st Gen VHS>DV>Firewire>CCE>Premiere Pro>DVD/ 1st/2nd Gen VHS>DV>Firewire>CCE>Premiere Pro>DVD
Global Voodoo
Global Voodoo

  • Intro 
  • Why Go
  • Deep
  • Jeremy
  • Even Flow
  • Alive
  • Black
  • Once
  • Porch

**Easter Egg**

11/14/1991 Tower Records

Video:Low Gen VHS (2nd?)>DV>Firewire>CCE>Premiere Pro>DVD
Audio: unknown gen HiFi VHS > Remastered w/Cool Edit Pro 
  • Wash
  • Black
  • Alive

This is an upgrade from the 8/2/1992 show that has surfaced on the 10/22/1990 DVD. This version is a 2 Cam Mix shot from the stage on Stone's side and about 20-30 rows back in the middle towards Mike's side. Short set list but typical for Lollapalooza, the band is on fire at all times during the set. Chris Cornell sings backup on Jeremy and during Porch Jeff bumps Ed off the stage. One of the better 1992 DVD's with nothing but nonstop jamming. It is amazing what a 2nd camera angle & audio upgrade can do.

Tech Notes:
The original recording that is on the 10/22/1990 had video cuts in the middle of Even Flow for 37 secs and after for 20 sec. There was also some clipping during Porch. This version is complete with no cuts or loss of audio. The audio sources I had to work with where not the greatest but it did the job. There are maybe 2 scenes where the camera's switch very fast but that was do to the fact that both camera angles where obstructed within secs of each other. This is not very noticable at all and doesn't effect the viewing of this great DVD.

Audio Source:
4 Source Mix / unknown microphones > Sony WM-D6 Boot CD Lollapalooza 9

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