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Pearl Jam
August 9, 1992
Lollapalooza Festival - Jones Beach Amphitheater
Wantagh, New York, USA
Central Cam
Sony CCD-TR71 (8mm handycam master) > DVD-R > DVD Decrypter (demux) > maestro > dvd

  • (Summertime Rolls)
  • Why Go
  • Deep
  • Jeremy
  • Even Flow
  • Garden
  • Alive
  • Porch

  • Ministry performance.

The Pearl Jam set is complete except for the start of 'summertime roll' being cut. it's shakey as hell but worth watching just for ed's climb.

Taken from Five Horizons:
Shot from the back of the venue way up above the crowd. Straight-ahead view of the stage. Camera is pretty shaky at first and it doesn't get much better. The taper zooms in as far as possible but this only makes the picture more unstable. It was raining during PJ's set but it doesn't affect visibility. Eddie talks to the crowd quite a bit after Garden. After Alive Eddie comments on Stone's freshly shaven head. Mike wanders over and inexplicably kisses Eddie on the cheek. Ed says, "Love between bands -- now I'm gonna kick the shit out of him later for embarrassing me." Eddie scales a wall during Porch that I swear is at least six or seven stories high. The taper was up so high that when Eddie reaches the top you can see traffic going by on the highway behind the venue!.

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