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Pearl Jam
July 11, 1993
Finsbury Park
London, England
Central Cam
1st gen VHS > DVD

  • Animal
  • Go
  • Once
  • Blood
  • Even Flow
  • Jeremy
  • Glorified G
  • Daughter
  • Alive/(Improv)
  • Why Go
  • Leash
  • Porch/(Fuckin' Up)(Tearing)

Rockin' In The Free World (w/Neil Young)

Taped from the ground, in front of Jeff. Image is quite clear and there are great closeups. Despite being quite shaky its very enjoyable. Sound is good. Bonus footage of Pearl Jam joining Neil Young and his band for Rockin in the Free World (3rd gen VHS).

Audio: stereo: [ECM-909 > wm-d6-M > DAT > CDR > .wav > dEQ]

Taken from Five Horizons:
Support act for Neil Young. Shot from the left side (facing stage) and is zoomed is pretty close, so much so that we don't see much of Mike and Stone. The camera is pretty shaky and heads get in the way occasionally. Before Glorified G Eddie mumbles two lines from an L7 song (Shove) and says it's becoming America's new national anthem, referring to recent U.S. military actions. Finsbury Park apparently is not a great venue. After Daughter Eddie says, "I'm really lookin' forward to Brixton -- it's just gonna be very nice. I just can't see you all -- I feel like I'm about this big." After Leash Eddie leaves and comes back with a huge bunch of carrots. Still poking fun at the lousy view at Finsbury he says, "I've got some carrots for you all... Eat them now -- you'll be able to see Neil a little better." He pulls his shirt up over his head and the band kicks into Porch, with Eddie singing the opening lines that way. :) He later adds lines from Neil's Fuckin' Up and the Rollins Band's Tearing.

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