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Pearl Jam
November 5, 1993
Empire Polo Fields
Indio, California, USA
VS. - North America Tour - Part I
Central Cam
1st gen VHS > Firewire > CCE > DVD

  • Release
  • Go
  • Animal
  • Why Go
  • Deep
  • Jeremy
  • Glorified G
  • Daughter/(Improv)
  • Alive
  • Rearviewmirror ->
  • Improv (Thank You)
  • Blood^
  • Rats
  • Once
  • Porch/(Tearing) ->
  • Fuck Me in the Brain#
  • Sonic Reducer
  • Even Flow
  • Indifference
  • Baba O'Riley

Audio: stereo: [SBD], Soundboard
Dolby Digital 5.1: Soundboard + [SS > D7] + [1st gen VHS]

Taken from Five Horizons:
The (in)famous shoe throwing incident. The show is worth getting for that alone. Straight-ahead view of the stage and above the mosh pit, so the view is excellent. After Animal Eddie asks the crowd, "So how was the drive?... These days... you gotta run pretty far to get some space to yourself these days..." (Problems with Ticketmaster were beginning and the band opted to move their Los Angeles gig to Indio, a two hour drive for L.A. fans who had already purchased tickets.) Eddie after Why Go: "You guys want a message? You want a message?... Kill your local rapist." Cheers from the crowd. "...but torture 'em first... and then serve 'em to one of your enemies for dinner." After Deep Stone strums a bit of what sounds like the Rolling Stones' Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker). After Jeremy Eddie apparently is having trouble keeping his pants up (although they look fine), and he wraps duct tape around his waist to hold them up better. "Heal the world, with duct tape," he says, as he drops the roll to the stage and the band kicks into Glorified G. Eddie adds lines to the end of Daughter that I don't recognize. (If anyone knows what song they're from please let me know.) The end of the song is cut. Eddie asks for the lights to be turned up so he can see the crowd. It's a sea of people who look like they're all having a good time. Occasionally we can see a shoe fly across the screen, and more than once Stone picks up a shoe and tosses it back into the crowd. Eddie after Alive: "I don't know if the band's been to this area before... but the first guy that I met today -- he gave me this book. He said uh, 'Do you know the secret to living forever? Has anyone ever told you the secret to living forever?... Why the fuck would I wanna live forever? -- Jesus!" The improv may be a cover but I don't recognize it. (Again, if anyone knows...) The end is cut. Mike wrecks his guitar at the end of Blood, and he and Eddie play baseball with it. Mike pitches a piece of guitar to Eddie who takes a swing at it with his mic stand. :) A little snippet of The Who's My Generation... "People try to push... just 'cause they're fucked... 'Cause they're old and fucked." They begin Rats but about a third of the way through the taper stops taping for whatever reason. :( During Once the camera's date flashes on the screen and it says 11/6/93, which is incorrect (although it may have been after midnight at this point). Great jam during the song, and the taper focuses on the swirling mosh pit below. During this time someone on stage must've gotten hit with something because Eddie looks at Jeff and says something, and then to the crowd, "C'mon take your best shot," as he steps up on the monitors. The crowd is getting more and more unruly and it really seems like the line "Once upon a time I could love you" is directed squarely at the audience. During the Porch jam Eddie is provoking some assholes in the audience. "Spit on me. Give me your best shot. We're not afraid of your spit. C'mon gimme all the heavy spitters." Eddie yells "Spit!" repeatedly while more articles of clothing are hurled at the stage. Then the strobes kick in for a heavy jam. Eddie again adds lines from the Rollins Band's Tearing to Porch. Fuck Me in the Brain is a cover of a Black Flag song, and seems to be a reaction to the crowd's unruly behaviour. A recording of it was included on the '93 Xmas Fan Club single as "Ramblings." When the song is over Dave, Stone, and Jeff seem to disappear while Mike paces around and Eddie confronts the audience about their adopted shoe throwing theme. The rest of the band is gone at this point and Eddie is making the best of the situation with his twisted wit. :) A few minutes later people are still throwing shit so he says, "Okay that's it -- goodnight," and walks off. The taper stops taping and when taping resumes the band has started Sonic Reducer, but they're not out front -- they're behind the amps to keep from getting hit. Only Dave is clearly visible and he's shielded by his drum kit. Afterwards they all brave the onslaught again except for Jeff who remains behind the amps for the next song. Stone is wearing a weird hat that looks like a rubber chicken, and he jumps up on the monitors in front of Dave and does a goofy dance. Why Go begins and Mike jumps up on the same monitors and does his own goofy dance. Eddie adds quite a few lines to Why Go but it's hard to understand what he's singing. Mike fucks up the short solo part of Baba O'Riley and kinda gives up on it. Jeff came out front for Indifference but he's back behind the amps for the rest of the show.

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