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Pearl Jam
November 12, 1996
Rome, Italy
Right Cam
Unknown VHS > Pinnacle PCTV > mpeg 2 (9000 kbps 720*576) > Ulead DVD Workshop 1.3 > DVD

  • Release
  • Last Exit
  • Animal
  • Hail Hail
  • Dissident
  • In My Tree
  • Corduroy
  • Better Man
  • Not for You ->
  • Even Flow
  • Daughter/(Androgynous Mind)(WMA)
  • Jeremy
  • (Hunger Strike)
  • Black
  • State of Love and Trust
  • Sometimes
  • Rearviewmirror
  • Immortality
  • Lukin
  • Alive
  • Who You Are
  • Once
  • Present Tense
  • Smile
  • Rocking in the Free World

Stereo: unknown cd > Nero Burning ROM > wav > Cool Edit Pro 2
Rarely it's out of synchro because the video source and the cd audio source had different speeds. Often there's a person who partially obscures the stage well the video gets out of focus.
Taken from Five Horizons:

A less than desirable vid shot behind the stage up in the stands on house right. The screen capture is very representative of the entire video; it never gets any better. The view of the stage is almost exactly the same as the rear view version of 9/21/96 Toronto except this one zooms in a bit closer. The sounds sucks though, due largely to the taper's position behind the P.A. What we get is mostly from the stage monitors accompanied by a hell of a lot of echo. From this angle we see mostly Eddie and Stone, very little of Jeff and Mike and almost no Jack at all. In its favor the picture is very steady; it looks like the taper used a tri-pod, but this is almost negated by the heads and arms that sway into the picture through most of the show. It's very nice to see Hunger Strike, a song they seem to only want to play in Europe. They still do not play it in its entirety but they give us as much as they ever do. Sometimes breaks down after the first verse and Eddie takes a swig from his wine bottle before addressing the crowd. The echo is so bad though that he is all but unintelligible. They then pick up the song where they left off. This looks and sounds like it was a very good show. It's too bad the video doesn't do it justice.

Cover Artwork
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