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Pearl Jam
October 28, 2003
Santa Barbara Bowl
Santa Barbara, California, USA
Benefit for the Louis Warschaw Prostate Cancer Center at Cedars-Sinai
2 DVDs
Central Cam
unknown Master DV > standalone burner > PC > unknown software > DVD
Length disk 1: 1h-00m-10s + disk 2: 1h-10m-54s

  • I Believe In Miracles
  • Nothing As It Seems
  • Immortality
  • Fatal
  • Thumbing My Way
  • Small Town
  • Man Of The Hour
  • Nothingman
  • Crazy Mary
  • Last Kiss
  • 25 Minutes To Go [w/ Lyle Workman]
  • Electric Set:
  • Love Boat Captain
  • Black
  • In My Tree [w/ Jack Irons On Drums]
  • Hail Hail [w/ Jack Irons On Drums]
  • Save You
  • Soon Forget [w/ Jack Johnson on uke]
  • Betterman/(I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend) [w/ Jack Johnson]
  • Can't Change Me [Chris Cornell solo acoustic]
  • Like A Stone [Chris Cornell solo acoustic]
  • Hunger Strike [Temple of the Dog reunion]
  • Reach Down [Temple of the Dog reunion]^
  • Daytime Dilemna [w/ John Frusciante on guitar]
  • I Believe In Miracles [w/ John Frusciante on guitar]
  • So You Wanna Be A Rock N' Roll Star [w/ Jack Irons, Jack Johnson, Chris Cornell) 

The source material had an unfixable flaw on D1 of the set. Apparently, it is possible to lose audio if you skip around from track to track - although not everyone who has seen these disks are having a problem. A quick fix appears to be pressing Pause and the Play on your remote or player if the problem arises, or by just letting the program play through without skipping around. Some creative editing appears to have been done as the filmer did not film in between songs.

  • Stereo: [Schoeps > Preamp > DAT]
  • Dolby Digital 5.1: [Schoeps > Preamp > DAT] + Unknown Master DV

Cover Artwork
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